Best House Plants for Low Light

Snake Plant

The mother-in-law’s tongue or snake plant has stunning multi-hued green foliage.

ZZ plant

The ZZ plant might be for you if you enjoy plants that have a hint of shimmer and shine.

Chinese Evergreen

The stunning two-toned leaves of the Chinese evergreen are difficult to miss 

Dumb cane

They range from variations with distinctive silvery leaves to those with crimson accents.

Staghorn fern

Low-light plants can be grown indoor plants or outdoors plants, and the aptly named staghorn fern is one of them

Lucky bamboo

This is something that every serial killer indoor plants should try.

English ivy

English ivy serves as ground cover in nature. It can climb up to 98 feet

Spider plant 

At the tips of its long, slender leaves, this simple-to-take-care-of companion produces baby spider plants

Heartleaf philodendron 

This common indoor is known for its heart-shaped leaves, which transition from bronze to a glossy green.


The split-leaf philodendron and the monstera are frequently confused.