Teddy Bear Sunflower, Seeds and Growing Tips


If you adore sunflowers however you lack the distance for significant plant life with plate-length blooms, teddy bear sunflower can be the ideal answer. Sunflower ‘Teddy Bear’ is a short, furry plant with fluffy, golden-yellow blooms that seem from mid-summer time season to the primary frost in autumn.

What is a Teddy Bear Sunflower?

The term “Teddy Bear Sunflower” commonly refers to a selected cultivar of sunflower. Teddy Bear Sunflowers are regarded for his or her compact length and fluffy, golden-yellow blooms that resemble the arrival of a teddy bear. They are a famous desire for gardens, especially in regions with restrained space, as they commonly develop to a top of two to a few feet. These sunflowers also are appropriate for box gardening. T

Teddy Bear Sunflowers are notably clean to develop, and they thrive in complete daylight with well-tired soil. Like different sunflowers, they appeal to pollinators, together with bees, and bring fit for human consumption seeds in case you select to permit the flora to mature and broaden seeds. They are a pleasing addition to gardens and may be loved for his or her captivating look and as a supply of reduced flora. Gardeners frequently plant Teddy Bear Sunflowers for his or her ornamental features and the joyful atmosphere they create.

How to Grow Teddy Bear Sunflower?

  • Growing sunflowers, which include the “Teddy Bear” variety, is a noticeably truthful process.
  • Select a sunny spot for your lawn with a minimum of 6-eight hours of direct daylight every day. Sunflowers thrive in complete sun.
    Sunflowers decide upon well-draining soil with a pH stage of 6 to 7.5. You can enhance the soil via way of means of including natural matter, including compost, to decorate fertility and drainage.
  • You can both begin sunflowers from seeds interior or sow them at once inside the lawn, relying on your weather and developing season. If you select to begin the seed’s interior, achieve this 2-four weeks earlier than your ultimate predicted frost date. Otherwise, sow the seeds at once inside the lawn after the risk of frost has passed.
  • Plant the seeds approximately 1 inch deep and area them 6-12 inches apart, depending on the variety. For smaller sunflowers like the “Teddy Bear” variety, area them nearer together.
  • Keep the soil continually wet however now no longer waterlogged, mainly for the duration of the germination phase. Once the plant life is established, they may be quite drought-tolerant and do now no longer require immoderate watering.
  • Sunflowers generally do now no longer want heavy fertilization. If your soil is nutrient-poor, you could use a balanced, slow-launch fertilizer whilst planting or observe a diluted liquid fertilizer for the duration of the developing season.
  • Taller sunflower sorts may also require staking to save them from bending or falling over.
  • Sunflowers are commonly low-maintenance. Remove any weeds across the plant life to lessen opposition to vitamins and water.
  • Sunflowers may be harvested whilst the flower heads have developed, and the seeds start to mature. You can inform them they may be prepared whilst the lower back of the flower head turns brown and the seeds are plump. Cut the flower head and dangle it the other way up in a dry, well-ventilated area to permit the seeds to dry further.
  • Remember that the “Teddy Bear” sunflower, if it is certainly a particular cultivar, may also have particular traits or care requirements. You can take a look at the seed packet or label for unique instructions. If it is a nearby or casual variety, it is probably satisfactory to observe trendy sunflower care guidelines.

Types of Teddy Bear Sunflower

The term “Teddy Bear Sunflower” is regularly used to refer to sunflowers that have a specific look or traits. It’s now no longer an authentic botanical call but instead, a not unusual place call or nickname that may be implemented to sunflowers with a particular look. Various sunflower sorts or cultivars may be informally cited as “Teddy Bear” sunflowers, however, they will now no longer all be identified as wonderful cultivars inside the global of horticulture. Here are some sunflower sorts which can be occasionally referred to as “Teddy Bear” sunflowers:

Helianthus annuus ‘Teddy Bear’

Helianthus annuus 'Teddy Bear', Sunflower 'Teddy Bear' - uploaded by  @hayleyaj
  • This is a not unusual place call used for sunflower sorts that produce compact, fluffy, and golden-yellow blooms.
  • They are regularly shorter in height, making them appropriate for smaller lawn areas and containers.

Sunflower ‘Teddy Bear’

Organic Non-GMO Teddy Bear Sunflower
  • Some seed agencies can also additionally marketplace sunflower sorts as “Teddy Bear” sunflowers.
  • These generally have a comparable look to the outline above.

‘Little Becka’ Sunflower

Buy Little Becka Dwarf Sunflower Seeds 15 Seeds Online in India - Etsy
  • This sunflower range is occasionally referred to as a “Teddy Bear” sunflower.
  • It is a dwarf sunflower with a compact boom addiction and produces completely double, golden-yellow flowers.
  • It’s essential to notice that at the same time as those sunflowers are regularly informally cited as “Teddy Bear” sunflowers, there can be versions of their look and developing traits relying at the unique cultivar or seed source. When developing or shopping sunflower seeds with this call, it is an awesome concept to consult the supplied description or label to get extra unique information about the range you are running with.

Benefits of Teddy Bear Sunflower

“Teddy Bear Sunflowers,” which typically talk over with compact, dwarf sunflower sorts with fluffy, golden-yellow blooms, provide numerous blessings in each decorative and ecological contexts:

Aesthetic Appeal

  • Teddy Bear Sunflowers are recognized for his or her fascinating appearance.
  • They upload a happy and ornamental detail to gardens, patios, and landscapes.
  • The bright, sunny blooms can raise the spirits and beautify the visible enchantment of out-of-door spaces.

Compact Growth

  • These sunflowers are normally shorter in peak as compared to traditional, taller sunflower sorts.
  • Their compact increase makes them appropriate for smaller gardens, containers, and concrete gardening.

Pollinator Attraction

  • Sunflowers, in general, are tremendous at attracting pollinators, consisting of bees and butterflies.
  • Teddy Bear Sunflowers can make contributions to biodiversity and help nearby ecosystems the aid of imparting nectar and pollen to those insects.

Cut Flowers

  • The vibrant, fluffy blooms of Teddy Bear Sunflowers lead them to best for reduced flower arrangements.
  • You can revel in their interior in addition to your lawn.

Educational Value

  • Growing sunflowers, consisting of Teddy Bear sorts, may be an academic enjoyment for youngsters and adults alike.
  • It’s a tremendous manner to find out about plant increase, pollination, and the lifestyle cycle of plants.

Seed Production

  • If you permit the plants to mature and expand seeds, you could harvest and revel in the seeds.
  • Sunflower seeds are a famous and nutritious snack.
  • They are an amazing supply of protein, wholesome fats, and different nutrients.

Natural Windbreaks

  • In large numbers, sunflowers can function a herbal windbreak, imparting a few safety to extra sensitive flora to your lawn.

Low Maintenance

  • Sunflowers, consisting of Teddy Bear sorts, are typically clean to develop and require minimum care.
  • They are well-desirable for each amateur and skilled gardeners.

Enhancing Soil Health

  • Sunflowers have deep roots that may assist enhance soil shape and nutrient cycling. They may be planted as cowl vegetation to gain the soil in among developing seasons.


  • Growing sunflowers contributes to sustainable gardening practices with the aid of using assisting useful insects, improving soil health, and imparting herbal splendor withinside the lawn.
  • While Teddy Bear Sunflowers might not have particular advantages which might be precise to them as a cultivar, they proportion a number of the benefits related to sunflowers in general. These advantages could make them a treasured addition in your lawn and landscaping projects.

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