Spider-Man Star Andrew Garfield Used To Take Ex-Girlfriend Emma Stone’s Opinion On His D*ck While Filming $700M Movie


Although the part of the web-slinger has been played by three different actors, there is no disputing that Andrew Garfield’s portrayal stood out, despite coming up short by one movie compared to his colleagues Spider-Man performers. The actor gained notoriety alongside his co-star and then-girlfriend Emma Stone in the Amazing Spider-Man movies, reprising his superhero role for the MCU.

For many actors, donning a superhero suit might seem like their dream job, but there is always the persistent problem of disguising their bulge in the skin-tight costume. Thus, Andrew Garfield finally addressed the subject and shared how he had listened to his then-girlfriend Emma Stone’s advice on controlling his d*ck.

Andrew Garfield Addressed The Issue Of A Skin-Tight Suit

There’s no disputing that the Oscar-nominated actor, Andrew Garfield, had a magnificent performance. The Spider-Man films became a success after Tom Holland lead the important role of the teenage web-slinger. Garfield gained notoriety as a member of the Marvel Cinematic Universe by reprising his role in the 2012 version of The Amazing Spider-Man alongside Emma Stone, who played Gwen Stacy.

But even if appearing in superhero films and wearing a superhero costume is a dream job for most actors, Andrew Garfield thought about one key problem that makes it challenging to shoot. Garfield and Stone sat together for an interview with The Project after their roles in the sequel to The Amazing Spider-Man, in which the actor talked openly about having a protruding crotch.

Andrew Garfield responded to the interviewer’s question with a Skin-Tight suit, which has been in plain sight for years but no one has had the nerve or thought to mention it. The interviewer questioned, “How does Spider-Man make sure his package looks good in his Spidey suit?” Garfield said, “It takes a lot of consideration,” after first laughing.

Emma Stone Helped Andrew Garfield Manage His Bulge

Every superhero has undoubtedly struggled to conceal their bulge in a skin-tight outfit, but only Andrew Garfield appears to have found a solution. The Oscar-nominated actor acknowledged the issue in an interview with The Project and said, “You don’t want it to be overwhelming, but you also don’t want it to be underwhelming.”

Therefore, discussing his process of maintaining his package within his suit, Garfield shared shocking information.

Emma Stone, who was then dating Garfield, added, “Because with great power comes great responsibility,” to Garfield’s remarks. Stone attempted to contain her laughter as she responded to Garfield’s d*ck, shocking the crowd. The actor continued, “I had one focus group [check it out], and that focus group was Emma…,” but it didn’t end there.She was in favour.

The two were romantically involved for a spell, and Hans Zimmer’s orchestral score and their chemistry helped The Amazing Spider-Man 2 earn $700M worldwide.

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