Miley Cyrus breaks silence on feud with estranged dad Billy Ray Cyrus


The two were very close, starring together in the hit Hannah Montana, Disney show, together. However, seemingly since Billy Ray’s engagement to Firerose Miley no longer seems to have a relationship with her father. But now Miley Cyrus broke her silence on alleged rift with her estranged dad Billy Ray Cyrus since he parted ways from her mother Tish Cyrus and got engaged to singer Firerose.

The singer of the song “Flowers,” who has helped her mother since her divorce from Billy Ray, said it was “really dangerous” for his father to have everything after starting out with nothing following his success.

On the US television program Endless Summer Vacation Backyard Sessions, Miley stated, “My dad grew up the opposite of me.”

The Used To Be Young singer continued, “I grew up on a sound stage, like, in a house with a family that was really tight and lived under the same roof.

“I also believe that I grew up with both emotional and financial stability in my relationships. My dad didn’t have that, to my knowledge. I’ve observed how it impacts many individuals who transition from having nothing to having everything. It’s a really hazardous location.

Because of this, she believed, “my relationship to fame and success is wildly different from my dad’s.” “More emotionally than I ever could, he was affected by him feeling liked by a large audience. He heals a childhood wound when he feels special or significant, and I’ve always been treated like a rock star. I feel a lot of emotion. That, in my opinion, is the difference”.

Miley Cyrus reflects on ‘great memories’ with dad Billy Ray Cyrus amid rift

Miley said, “I do have a lot of wonderful memories of singing songs with my dad and learning from and seeing his voice and how he plays the instrument.

Despite having a close relationship with her father, Miley said, “I will say that I feel vocally my dad was underappreciated,” according to reports”.

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