Little Weather Niagara Falls Travertine Island Oklahoma


Little Weather Niagara Falls and Travertine Island are situated in the Chickasaw National Recreation Area, part of the National Park National Historic. The area covers about 22 acres of wooded land. It is the best backdrop to one of the perfect countrified swimming holes in the area. The Falls swimming hole is one of the most beautiful places in Oklahoma City. If you live in or find yourself in the Oklahoma City area, take a short road trip down to Sulpher, Oklahoma. It’s very own Little Weather Niagara Falls.

Little Niagara Falls Oklahoma

The area contains numerous stone outcroppings, natural travertine formations, and designed waterfalls. The focal point of the area is Little Niagara Falls and its associated beach, swimming hole, comfort station, and parking lot. Travertine Island is the perfect spot for a picnic. Travertine Island has its own associated comfort station and parking lot, as well as stone picnic tables with a designed picnic area and benches. The Travertine Island lot is accessed from the north portion of the loop. Both areas are primarily used for swimming and picnicking.

Travertine Island Oklahoma

Little Weather Niagara Falls is situated just down from the tourist center and is one of the highlights of the Chickasaw National Recreation Area. If you’re going to plan Weekday mornings are the best time to visit, and there was spring and summer rain, so the falls were really flowing. Niagara Falls is an amusing place to cool off on a hot day.

Little Weather Niagara Falls

  • Located in Sulpher, Oklahoma, at the Chickasaw National Recreation Area
  • 10-Foot Waterfall
  • Free Admission to the Recreation Area
  • Just a short hike from the Visitor Center area

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