Gigi Hadid breaks silence on arrest over possessing marijuana, shares beach pics from holiday: All’s well that ends well


Gigi Hadid breaks silence on arrest: A few days ago, Gigi Hadid was arrested for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia after flying from the US to the Cayman Islands, after which her friends appeared in court with her and the court fined her 1000 Dollars. According to the Washington Post, although the marijuana was purchased legally in New York City. Meanwhile, the model looked stunning in new pictures from her Cayman Islands trip. On Wednesday, Gigi shared a series of sun-kissed photos and videos from her vacation on Instagram.

Gigi Hadid’s first Instagram post since her arrest

Gigi Hadid shared an Instagram post in which she is seen enjoying the holidays. She also shared a glimpse of the food she gorged on during her holiday with friends. Gigi’s first Instagram post after reports of her arrest surfaced on Tuesday Seemingly reacting to the buzz around her recent trip, she wrote in her caption, “All’s well that ends well (sunset emoji).”

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Netizens Reactions to her post

A lot of comments are coming on Gigi Hadid’s first Instagram post after her arrest. Users are continuously commenting; one wrote on a post, “She couldn’t care less (laughing emoji).” Another wrote, “Girl after being arrested for drugs and released with money.” One joked, “My level of recklessness after being arrested and bailed.”

Defending Gigi, a fan wrote, “You all, she got the weed legally in New York and with a medical prescription for it. The Cayman Islands have allowed medical use of marijuana since 2017. She only got a fine because her prescription wasn’t from there.”

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