Dame Joan Collins shares secrets to looking so young at 90-years-old


Ageing affects us all, no matter how much SPF we wear or how much money we spend on skincare.

but not always in the same proportions. I mean, Dame Joan Collins looks younger than any other 90-year-old I’ve seen.

The absolute legend ages elegantly and iconically while appearing to have stopped time with her breathtaking beauty.

Collins gained international fame in the 1980s as Alexis Colby in the soap drama Dynasty.

The actor also starred in The Royals, The Time of Their Lives, Benidorm, and American Horror Story: Apocalypse.

She may be seen relaxing in a pool in St. Tropez with her 58-year-old husband, Percy Gibson, in a recent photo, and she remarkably seems much younger than 90.

Fans frequently praised Collins in the comments section as being “absolutely beautiful” and complained that she was “ageing backwards.”

The celebrity has already offered a range of advice on how she maintains her youthful appearance.

Collins advises against leaving the house without wearing SPF as a preventative measure against ageing.

The actor told You magazine in 2014, “I have always worn sun protection and have kept my face away from harmful rays since I was 20.”

“You ought to see me in the morning; my face is like a sheet; it is so white.”

Another important one is taking off your makeup, which is simple to do when we’re not feeling lethargic.

Collins stated to The Mirror in 2019: “I don’t go to bed without

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