Best Things To Do In Hull


Best Things To Do In Hull: Hull is slowly becoming one of the most visited places in England. Hull has always been a crucial port city on England’s east coast. It’s been experiencing a steady rise in the number of visitors. Both local and global travellers are visiting Hull to get an experience of city life and its vibrant culture. Hull’s history is something which is not widely discussed, yet it has a rich traditional and literary heritage. An array of museums, great art pieces and excellent pubs and shopping scenes are some of the best things to do in Hull. The city also has an extensive maritime history, which has become its own identity. Here we check out what are the best things to do in Hull.

  • Best Things To Do In Hull
  • The Deep
  • Humber Bridge
  • Hull Old Town
  • Ferens Art Gallery
  • Streetlife Museum of Transport
  • Hull Marina
  • Wilberforce House
  • Humber Street and Fruit Market
  • East Park
  • Spurn National Nature Reserve

The Deep: One of the most iconic attractions in Hull, The Deep is a stunning aquarium that houses thousands of sea creatures, including sharks, rays, turtles, and more. It also features interactive exhibits and educational displays about marine life and conservation.

Humber Bridge: This suspension bridge spans the Humber River and offers impressive views of the surrounding area. Visitors can walk or cycle across the bridge, enjoying the scenic landscape and taking in the architectural marvel.

Hull Old Town: Explore the historic heart of the city in Hull’s Old Town. Here, you’ll find cobbled streets, charming architecture, and landmarks such as the Hull City Hall and the Museums Quarter.

Ferens Art Gallery: This art gallery features an impressive collection of European paintings and sculptures, as well as modern and contemporary artworks. It’s a great place to appreciate both classical and contemporary art.

Streetlife Museum of Transport: This unique museum showcases the history of transportation through the years, featuring a recreated Victorian street with horse-drawn carriages, vintage cars, and interactive displays.

Hull Marina: Enjoy a leisurely stroll along the Hull Marina, lined with shops, restaurants, and bars. It’s a lovely place to relax by the water, especially on a sunny day.

Wilberforce House: Visit the birthplace of William Wilberforce, a key figure in the abolition of the transatlantic slave trade. The museum provides insights into the life and work of Wilberforce and his impact on social change.

Humber Street and Fruit Market: This trendy area is known for its vibrant arts scene, independent shops, galleries, and cafes. It’s a great spot to experience Hull’s creative and cultural side.

East Park: A beautiful park that offers various recreational activities, including a boating lake, a splash boat, a large playground, and picturesque walking paths.

Spurn National Nature Reserve: Located a short drive from Hull, this unique nature reserve features diverse landscapes, wildlife, and stunning coastal views. It’s a great destination for birdwatching and enjoying the outdoors.

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